Wizir (Notary Public)

A Wizir, a public official of the Al Moroccan Empire who notarizes lawful documents and who can also administer and take oaths and affirmations, among other tasks. Although Wizirs are public officials, they are not paid by the government; they may obtain income by charging costs, provide free services in connection with other employment (for example, bank employees), or provide free services for the public good.

Etymological Definition – notary (n.)

c. 1300, notarie, “a clerk, a personal secretary; person whose vocation was making notes or memoranda of the acts of others who wished to preserve them, and writing up allodial titles, deeds, and contracts,” from Old French notarie “scribe, clerk, secretary” (12th century) and directly from Latin notarius “shorthand writer, clerk, secretary,” from notare, “to note,” from nota “shorthand character, letter, note”