20:15:31 From Phill Pabon : Islam
20:23:55 From Pierre DaGreat Productions : Another tip is opening palms
20:24:26 From Pierre DaGreat Productions : clenched fist keep energy in, open palms help flow and regulation
20:25:23 From Cande Kébéchet El : exactly
20:26:21 From Pierre DaGreat Productions : “Mudras” are a neat too for manipulating energy
20:26:30 From Pierre DaGreat Productions : ^hand placement
20:27:24 From Pierre DaGreat Productions : The weight of power, gotta master the vessel
20:28:44 From Pierre DaGreat Productions : speaking truth @oso
20:43:39 From Cande Kébéchet El : everything in time & space. As “Rome wasn’t built in one day”. I want to see things manifest in truth but I trust the direction of Lenapehoking. We are moving to where other Moors haven’t reached.
20:45:58 From Cande Kébéchet El : Islam Dyami
20:46:45 From Cande Kébéchet El : Islam Al
20:48:22 From Al : I'd like to drop my 2 cents after Sadhu
20:53:17 From Deborah Mariah West Bey : Thank you Omar.
20:55:16 From Cande Kébéchet El : straighten community without emotions
20:58:40 From Cande Kébéchet El : ASÉ 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
21:02:35 From Oso’s : word
21:07:59 From Cande Kébéchet El : 💕🔥🔥
21:11:18 From Oso’s : Omar listen
21:11:26 From Oso’s : jr
21:13:10 From Dyami Ali Bey : He is right
21:13:14 From Dyami Ali Bey : I agree 200%
21:14:39 From Cande Kébéchet El : Facts I’m guilty for the first birth certificate i signed because of lack of knowledge
21:16:08 From Sadhu Oddiya el : islam sooooo true
21:16:41 From Cande Kébéchet El : positive affirmations 💯💯
21:16:49 From TarTaKunaBey : Islam, father/mother balance, fine tune your position (role/part in the relationship)
21:19:29 From Cande Kébéchet El : I’m committed to the vision I have 2boyz that need to be men
21:22:47 From Cande Kébéchet El : Factz👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
21:28:09 From Dyami Ali Bey : Islam Family. Duty calls. Love to all!
21:28:39 From Cande Kébéchet El : Peace Dyami💕
21:35:02 From Cande Kébéchet El : I’ve never partake in US calendar events
21:40:23 From Cande Kébéchet El : exactly we need more writers
21:41:34 From Deborah Mariah West Bey : Thank you TarTaKunaBey.
21:42:05 From Pierre DaGreat Productions : gotta roll fam, peace and blessings
21:42:21 From Jaleel-Hu El : islam
21:42:49 From Cande Kébéchet El : peace & love Pierre
21:50:27 From TarTaKunaBey : Islam
21:54:34 From Cande Kébéchet El : alway be a rainbow in someone sunshine